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People often say motivation doesn't last. Neither does bathing—that’s why we recommend it daily.



Arrangemenship is the art of knowing who to meet, when to meet, and what to say to develop meaningful relationships for our clients.

It’s all about knowing how to connect the dots……


The Big Think is an interactive deep dive into all aspects of your business that is designed to uncover strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities specific to your company and brand. On The Ball will create a written action plan following The Big Think strategy session.




Copywriting can be done for press releases, websites, and collateral materials such as sell sheets, decks, pamphlets, labels, and anything used to relay your message.


Design is used to create logos, websites, banners, collateral materials, social media assets, and anything used to represent your brand.


Rebranding is creating a new identity for your brand or product by giving it either a logo, design, sales/social media strategy or a combination thereof.


When you need quality video for your executive publications. Call us for a quote.




Sales training is a valuable tool offered to companies looking to support current or new sales people to help them and the company grow.

Speaking is offered for any message, motivation, or mentoring you would like to extend in your company or event.


Social media is managed by our team to bring awareness to your brand and develop engaging relationships with your existing and new customers.



We believe in "skin in the game"


On The Book

A wholly owned subsidiary of On The Ball, A smart way to communicate a message…

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On the Ball took a taste of our own medicine by launching a health and…

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Polaroid Fotobar

The newest and most innovative retail concept, by serial entrepreneur Warren Struhl, where digital photos…

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A new product entry that eliminates smells at the source with its odor-break technology. We…

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Second Opinions

A B to C idea born out of the relationship with B to B company…

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Counter Act

A new product started by a career businesswoman with the opportunity to seize the marketplace.…

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Sheets Brand

From concept development to implementation resulting in equity partnership Sheets® are paper-thin, individually wrapped pocket-sized…

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My Owners Box

We provided an end-to-end solution including naming, logo, design, website design, manufacturing and sourcing, and…

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On The Book.

Posted on: April 14, 2013 by bamos | Category: Partners | Tags:

A wholly owned subsidiary of On The Ball, A smart way to communicate a message using customized books.



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On the Ball took a taste of our own medicine by launching a health and beauty company in 2009, called PureSuasion. Our first product is an eyelash growth stimulator in the same category as Latisse. The Agency named the company and the product, and created an entire marketing plan, including logos, packaging, web site, distribution and PR.

Website:, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+


Polaroid Fotobar.

Posted on: April 14, 2013 by bamos | Category: Partners | Tags:
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The newest and most innovative retail concept, by serial entrepreneur Warren Struhl, where digital photos come to life by turning them into physical art. We provided strategic development and partnerships resulting in equity partnership.



Posted on: April 4, 2013 by bamos | Category: Partners | Tags:
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A new product entry that eliminates smells at the source with its odor-break technology. We did a complete re-branding with new name, logo, design, social media, and strategic sales development resulting in equity partnership.


Second Opinions.

Posted on: April 4, 2013 by bamos | Category: Partners | Tags:

A B to C idea born out of the relationship with B to B company USA RAD, a leader in the tele-medicine space. We provided new logo, social media, and strategic development in the marketplace, resulting in equity partnership.


Counter Act.

Posted on: April 4, 2013 by bamos | Category: Partners | Tags:

A new product started by a career businesswoman with the opportunity to seize the marketplace. We did naming, logo, design, website design, manufacturing and sourcing, social media, video, and strategic sales development resulting in equity partnership.


Sheets Brand.

Posted on: April 4, 2013 by bamos | Category: Partners | Tags:
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From concept development to implementation resulting in equity partnership

Sheets® are paper-thin, individually wrapped pocket-sized strips. No cans. No bottles. Simply place on tongue and your problem dissolves. How? Sheets® are packed with nutrients/vitamins and other active ingredients that, when placed on tongue, will begin to dissolve allowing for easy digestion.


My Owners Box.

Posted on: April 4, 2013 by bamos | Category: Partners | Tags:
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We provided an end-to-end solution including naming, logo, design, website design, manufacturing and sourcing, and sales for a retired entrepreneur who wanted to gain access to the Home Goods market, resulting in equity partnership.



The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.


  • Canter Law
  • Ellis and Goldberg
  • Frank, Weinberg, and Black
  • The Brand Liaison


  • Commit2bfit
  • Golds Gym
  • The Great Office Escape


  • Barbie™ The Dreamhouse Experience
  • BB&T Center
  • Club Red
  • G4Productions
  • Wizard World Comicon


  • American Airlines
  • Aventura Worldwide
  • Ice Portal
  • ImagePhoto
  • OnTv


  • Baron
  • Club Red
  • Don Shula
  • Dolphin Digest
  • Florida Marlins
  • Florida Panthers
  • LA Stadium
  • Miami Dolphins
  • Sam Madison
  • ForeFront Golf
  • Six Degrees
  • Pro-Circuit Stringing
  • TSS Photography


  • Art of Shaving
  • Bal Harbour
  • Capitol Lighting
  • Downtown At The Gardens
  • Eckerd Drug
  • Polaroid
  • TurnStyle
  • TY-Group


  • Bed Bug Rid
  • Cape North Vodka
  • CounterAct
  • Cilea
  • EZ Indoor Garden
  • Gladiator Project
  • Mama J
  • My Owners Box
  • Orzell Vodka
  • Plaqueworthy
  • rawJUCE
  • Sheets
  • Squelch
  • Starwhite
  • Toobeez
  • Wizard Creations
  • You In A Nutshell


  • Andy’s Pasta Dinner
  • Call of The Game
  • Laurens Kids
  • Nick Saban
  • 2-1-1 Broward
  • Pockets and Sockets
  • The Corporate Run


  • Ask Dan and Mike
  • Broken Sound
  • Definitive Resources
  • Enervation Lighting
  • Lifestyle Media Group
  • Service America
  • The Keynote Group


  • Admobilize
  • Comcast
  • Coupster
  • Forma Technology
  • IT Authorities
  • Microsoft
  • SynaBee
  • Thin Solutions
  • USIS
  • Vertical Computer


  • Alter Surety
  • American Bancard
  • Bank United
  • Co-Advantage
  • Fairway Insurance
  • Merrill Lynch
  • RPM/FILEnetics
  • The Eppy Group
  • Thirty 6 Trees


  • Atlantic Dental
  • Careington
  • Carewell
  • Edify
  • HealthLink
  • Hear USA
  • Humana-Shula
  • Dr. Zin Apothecary


  • Grounds Group
  • Tropical Roofing
  • Miller Construction
  • OK Generators
  • Procacci

Food and Beverage

  • Boca Java
  • Cold Stone Creamery
  • Flamma’s Steakhouse
  • Gold Coast Beverage Distribution
  • Kana Coffee
  • Panera Bread
  • Southern Wine and Spirits
  • WineStyles


It's all about the people!




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Executive Coordinator
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Eat. Drink. Think.

South Florida's Favorite Networking Event

eatdrinkthink1 eatdrinkthink3 eatdrinkthink5


Eat : Drink : Think is The Premier place to network your business to the next level. Created in December by On The Ball Marketing, Eat : Drink : Think connects the dots for networking in business. We open the doors for small business owners, CEO’s, COO’s and Executives to connect with each other to help grow business.


The Ft. Lauderdale event is hosted at the O Lounge, inside the YOLO Restaurant complex at 333 East Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301. Guests can attend the event at no cost for registration and will receive complimentary hors d’oeuvres from 5:30pm to 8:00pm every last Tuesday of each Month. There is a cash bar on hand and dress attire is business casual.


Eat : Drink : Think offers the perfect opportunity for local business and community leaders to connect with other businesses in the same market. Instead of pairing with people in the same industry, here you pair with people in different industries. This allows you to make connections where you normally wouldn’t. Instead of a lengthy presentation or boring dinner at a table, Eat : Drink : Think is a full blown networking event. People stand, connect and share business cards and stories.


To join Eat : Drink : Think, simply submit your Name, Company and the names of your Guests and Their companies to:

This allows us to have your name added to the email list and your name tag reserved when you RSVP. You will receive all emails related to the invite including each month’s invite. We also encourage everyone to connect with us by liking us on Facebook or joining the group on LinkedIn.

Facebook: Eat : Drink : Think -Facebook

LinkedIn Group: Eat : Drink : Think -LinkedIn

Contact Zack Stein, the Event Manager with On The Ball Marketing by sending him an email:

On The Blog

Using social media to communicate to the world

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The Next Big Thing

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ebook v. paper

eBooks vs. Print: What does the future of reading look like?.

Posted on: September 29, 2014 by giana | Category: On The Blog | Tags: book, bookworm, digital, digitization, e-reader, ebook, ebook reader, ereader, kindle, learning, novel, paperback, reading, tablet

ebook blog


The Truth About the eBooks vs. Print Debate

When I was a child, I was the definition of a bookworm. I read in my bed, at school, even at the kitchen table. My parents had to limit me to ten books a week just to ensure I’d get some form of social interaction. At the time, I actively sought out learning new things. Nothing felt more comfortable to me then the crisp pages of a new book with a new story to tell. As I grew up (and, thankfully, developed a more social personality), my reading techniques evolved as well and I began to find more convenient ways to sneak in a few pages. Now, I can read on my phone, my tablet, or my computer. While these things are more convenient, I often found myself yearning to flip a page, highlight a unique thought, or fold a page over to examine how much I had left to read.

How has the switch from paper to electronic changed the way we read and comprehend?

In this digital age, we have become totally dependent and connected to our screens, including the way we read. Magazines, newspapers, and novels are all available on a screen.

However, have you ever thought about how the manner in which we read changes the way we read?

Studies have been done recently to explore the effect digitization has on our memory. Anne Mangen, a researcher from Norway’s Stavanager University, asked 72 Norwegian 10th-graders to read text from a piece of paper or from a computer screen. In the end, those who read the hard copy version excelled higher on a reading comprehension test.

Other studies have suggested that people comprehend less when they read on a screen because screen reading is more physically and mentally demanding than reading on paper. Additionally, when you read, you create a mental representation of the text in which meaning is fastened to structure. In contrast, e-readers and smartphones interfere with navigation of the text and restrain readers from mapping the story in their minds.

Here are five other reasons you should consider ditching your e-reader:

1. You don’t have to turn off your book on a plane

2. You can read a paperback in the sun (and bathtub)

3. You can’t get an e-book signed

4. Hardcopy books don’t die

5. You can scribble your thoughts on the side to reflect on later

Sometimes, you don’t want an app for that! 

That is why On The Ball created the company, On The Book, to encourage businesses to give their employees the gift of reading, with a personal touch. On the Book has the ability to take any published book and customize it to deliver your corporate message. This holiday season, with your book order you will receive a FREE gift box with every book.

OTBK Holiday

Can you think of another reason why you prefer real books to eBooks? Share your thoughts on the eBooks vs. print debate with us on our Facebook page!

viral ad campaign

3 Tips for Creating a Viral Ad Campaign.

Posted on: September 20, 2014 by michelle | Category: On The Blog | Tags: advertising, ale ice bucket challenge, branding, Budweiser, dos equis, emotional triggers, marketing, super bowl, the most interesting man in the world, viral, viral advertising


Let’s get down to it…We all wonder how some ads get millions of online shares, impressions, likes, and comments while others barely get noticed. The reality is, the chances of achieving a major advertising success, such as the Dos Equis, “Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign, are pretty low. So, what determines whether an ad will go viral?

What Makes an Ad Contagious?

 1. Emotional triggers and response

Like the Budweiser Puppy Love commercial in this year’s past Super Bowl, touching your audience and creating an emotion can encourage others to share the content and their opinion. This ad happens to have the most shares of all time!

2. Timing is everything

When choosing when to launch an ad, keep in mind that the content you have created must reach the desired audience within 48 hours to become successful.

 3. Give viewers a strong reason to share

Like a good cause that hits home (i.e. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge) or something that allows you to connect with your friends, the only way an advertisement can go viral is if people are ignited with excitement to connect with the brand and introduce the content to others.

viral ad campaign

“The Most Interesting Man in the World” Campaign

Now, lets take one of the most viral ad campaigns of all time, ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World”, and why it went viral…

Since ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World’ joined forces with Dos Equis in 2006, sales have increased significantly every year. “We’re now the fastest growing beer import in the country,” said Paul Smailes, Dos Equis’ brand manager. The Most Interesting Man in The World, Jonathan Goldsmith, explains, “I think the campaign is so successful because every man, including myself, would like to be like him”.

Every single beer advertisement you see is all about hot chicks, good looking dudes, and a place that is just too surreal to be reality (A place you might see Jonathan Goldsmith in character!). Dos Equis went completely against the norm. They used a senior citizen as the star of their campaign and placed the focus on masculinity and self-conception rather than frat parties and beaches. The campaign dove deep into triggering emotions for the male audience and enough humor where everyone wondered what the next adventure for ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World” would be.

Everyone can take a lesson from the history and success of this viral ad campaign but be sure to remember…viral doesn’t always mean brand recall. Being shared online doesn’t guarantee that an ad will help the goals of the organization…unless you’re ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World!”


I’ll leave you with this…

“I don’t always write blogs…but when I do, they go viral!”

Need help coming up with a viral ad campaign? We want to hear from you! 954-332-2200



7 Qualities of an Effective Advertiser.

Posted on: September 12, 2014 by giana | Category: On The Blog | Tags: advertising, apple, beats, beats by dre, bill bernbach, branding, business, commercial, creative, elevator pitch, entrepreneur, marketing, serena williams, television



Millions of expensive ads get ignored everyday.

Predicting the effectiveness of an ad is almost impossible.  Even to the greatest of marketers, there is mystery and awe behind videos and memes that go viral on the Internet.

If predicting ad success were possible, there would be agencies solely in the business of making viral videos. Making only #1 best-selling books would also be big business (and we won’t go into politics and honest rating systems in this blog post).

Businesses who are eager to boost sales must first take the risk of deciding to advertise and then increase their chances of seeing results by hiring an effective advertiser.

Impressive portfolios and track records hold weight, but knowing the qualities of an effective advertiser can help a businesses hire the right agency confidently.

Finding the Right Advertiser for Your Business

Want to reach the heart of your audience and get chosen amidst the noisy world of ordinary ads?

Before you commit to advertising your service, product, or brand, read these 7 qualities to look for in an effective advertiser:

1.     Conviction

Look for an advertiser with the conviction to sell your product no matter what medium or platform they use to get your message to the masses.

Effective advertisers are intuitive and artistic but they should not be “prima donnas” who aren’t taking your success into consideration. For a business, it’s still always about the bottom line!

Great advertisers also understand their craft and believe in their work.

If you’re having a hard time letting go of an idea that they don’t agree with, don’t be surprised if they give you a little pushback and stick to their convictions on what they believe is the right message for your product or service.

Remember, they’re the experts at what they do just like you’re the expert at what you do.

2.     Artistry

 You can’t measure interesting.  Ever walk through an art museum with a friend and realize you may both gravitate to different pieces, while at the same time both wonder how some art ever becomes famous?

An artist has a unique ability to connect with the human soul and this can’t be taught.

Art comes in many forms—there’s even an art to science!

It’s mysterious, immeasurable, and sometimes suspicious.  But it’s completely human, different, and it grabs the attention of those it will resonate with the most—that’s what every business wants to achieve when finding the right buyer.


 3.     Detailed Knowledge of the Product

Every entrepreneur knows the importance of the “elevator pitch.”  Creating a concise, effective pitch for those elevator moments requires intimate and thorough knowledge of their business.

Apple products almost sell themselves these days; but without intimate knowledge of product design and user experience any advertisement would remain disconnected from both the product and the audience. The message would be cold, bland, and lack creativity at best.

4. Honesty

Of course, no one wants to work with a dishonest person.  And this is exactly why you need an advertiser who will be honest about your product in your ads.

Honesty in advertisements should naturally follow intimate knowledge of the product.

Gimmicks, tricks, and marketing ploys might catch attention but they likely won’t sell your product and generate repeat customers.

A recent commercial advertising Beats by Dre, featuring Serena Williams, is honest about what the product does.  The artistry and humanness of the message leaves you feeling connected to Serena’s experience and easily imagining one similar for yourself.

Beats by Dre Presents: Nothing Stops Serena

5. Influence

If you believe your product or service deserves a place in the market and that it has the power to improve lives — don’t settle on the status quo.

An excellent advertiser has the ability and desire to influence and promote different, and better, thinking in the world.

Marketing research is useful but can sometimes get in the way of innovation.

American Ad Legend, Bill Bernbach, said,

Research can be dangerous. It should give you facts and not make judgments for you… We are too busy measuring public opinion that we forget we can mold it.”


6.     Intuition

Mere logic will rob us of change, progress, and increased effectiveness.

A desirable advertiser is self-aware, knows how to sense a potentially good (or bad) thing down in their gut, and knows that he doesn’t (and can’t) know everything!

If an advertiser has good intuition then he or she can better tap into the emotions of your audience and their intuitive response to your ads.

7.     Perception

An advertiser should have an understanding of how your audience reads or listens so as to create a message in the right context.  Essentially, your advertiser should have a good perception of your audience’s perception!

Creativity in the purest definition of the word is at the core of an advertiser worth hiring.


Ready to Jump in the Water of Marketing and Advertising? 

On The Ball invests time and talent in emerging businesses to help them grow.  Let our creative team show you our advertising chops!  Give us a call at 954.332.2200.

share-a-coke-with copy

Share a Coke with On The Ball.

Posted on: September 6, 2014 by giana | Category: On The Blog | Tags: branding, coca-cola, coke, content marketing, marketing, marketing strategy, share a coke, Social Media, viral effect

share-a-coke-with copy


Coke drinker or not, you’ve probably heard of “Share a Coke”, Coca-Cola’s summer marketing campaign.

The recently released bottles of Coke with individual’s names on the label invite you, the consumer, to share a Coke with a friend.

So what makes this campaign so successful and viral? Is it the natural attraction to the Coca Cola brand? Is it the vast areas where it was marketed? The effects of this brilliant campaign have valuable lessons that marketers can learn from and apply immediately.  Below are three worth noting:

3 Key Take-Aways from the “Share a Coke” Campaign 

1. The personable nature of the campaign. 

Imagine going to a market or convenience store and finding all the things on your grocery list with your name on it. Wouldn’t it make you feel special? Of course it would! It would give you that warm and fuzzy feeling that these specific products were made especially for you.

This ideology should be applied to every marketing campaign for any brand.

People would much rather be seen as unique individuals with specific wants and needs than generalized as a whole.

As marketers, it is important to ask “what motivates your audience?” and determine how can you cater to each individual’s wants and needs.

2. The integrated approach

Not only is this campaign provoking consumers to buy more Coca-Cola via traditional marketing outlets (like commercials and ads), but it also allows consumers to share a Coke in unconventional ways.

People are now not only sharing the Coke brand physically, but also digitally via pictures sent to friends, family, significant others, as well as on social media outlets for everyone in their sphere of influence to see.

And if you couldn’t find the name you were looking for, you’re in luck, simply go online and vote for the name you want printed for a chance to be the next mass-produced bottle!

These multiple avenues in which this marketing campaign had infiltrated has given Coca-Cola the chance to be exposed on multiple levels.

The campaign has made consumers feel like they’re participating in something bigger than themselves, teaching us marketers that we need to see past traditional marketing tactics in order to better reach and grow our audience.

share-a-coke-with-matt copy


3. The ultimate take away: In the end, the “Share a Coke” campaign leaves consumers  with a positive experience. 

And that is the most important thing a brand can do when marketing itself. Happy customers create brand loyalty.

This, in turn, drives revenue and word of mouth marketing creating an experience that lasts beyond a simple campaign.

After all is said and done, people might not remember exactly who gave them a bottle of Coca-Cola, but they will remember the feeling they had when they were given this specialized gift, which is priceless.

Although Coca Cola’s personalized campaign is nothing new, it is amazing to see how dominant they are in their execution.

Here at On The Ball, we strive to emulate and produce marketing success by following trends and creating personal, viral, and positive experiences for all of our audiences and clients.

Find more information on the “Share a Coke” Campaign here.


12 Months of Football or 12 Months of Marketing?.

Posted on: August 22, 2014 by giana | Category: On The Blog | Tags: 2014 nfl season, Football, marketing, marketing strategy, NFL, nfl draft, passive marketing, playbook, preseason, sports, strategy



Football season is finally upon us. But if you think about it, did it ever really end?

This year, the NFL draft was pushed back from its regular April start date to two weeks later in May. The NFL attributed this to a “scheduling conflict” with Radio City Music Hall.

Although this may have been the case, moving the draft also extended the relevance of the NFL by two weeks. In turn, the extension provided two extra weeks of advertising dollars as well as two more weeks of work for agents, scouts, and sports writers.

Ironically enough, the NFL is planning to keep the draft in its’ May slot.

Though the Super Bowl was this past February, marking the official end of the 2014 NFL season, adding an NFL event to May granted sports fans a full 12 full months of football content.

September – December Regular Season

January – Post Season

February – Super Bowl/NFL Combine

March – New league year/Free agency begins

April – NFL 2014 Schedule Released

May – NFL Draft, Deadline for restricted free agents

June – OTA offseason workouts

July – Mandatory minicamps

August – Preseason


This strategy, from a marketer’s perspective, screams passive marketing.


What’s Passive Marketing and Why Does it Work for the NFL?

With every business, it is necessary to utilize both active and passive marketing with your clientele.

Passive marketing reaches the customer through strategic positioning and customer service. For example, a monthly newsletter or a personal birthday card are both effective methods of this marketing method.

In the NFL’s case, by “touching” their audience on a monthly basis they continue to stay relevant in their audience’s mind all year round. It keeps them connected and excited for the upcoming season, almost as if the NFL is hosting a new event each month for football lovers to look forward to.

In turn, it also means more money for the league. The simple strategy of routinely touching your audience is both effective and efficient in sustaining your client’s business and loyalty as well as your piece of their wallet. We should all take notes from the NFL’s playbook and follow suit.

When we review the NFL’s passive marketing touches, do you think they exhausted their audience? On the contrary, the NFL managed to sustain audience interest during their typically slow season.

With the 2015 NFL season creeping in, would anyone mind another 12 months of football?

Successful Businesses Market Well – Start Now

Implementing the right marketing method could mean added revenue for your business with a strategy you might not have considered before.

Ready to determine the best marketing method for your business?  We’re here to help! Call 954-332-2200.


From Invention to Product Launch: Interview with Steve Nudelberg.

Posted on: August 15, 2014 by giana | Category: On The Blog | Tags: advertising, branding, business development, diabetes, diabetic, entrepreneur, glucose meter, glucose strips, healthcare, huamana, iglucose, Innovation, invention, inventor, marketing, marketing strategy, physician, product launch, Sales, start up, strategy, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes


Against all Odds: Why the Product Launch Matters Most

An invention’s survival comes from its product launch.  Richard C. Levy*, inventor of the Furby, says that the “marketing of it, getting it together, and getting it out” makes up 90 percent of an original idea’s efforts that lead to success.

Inventor, Ben Atkin, developed the recently launched iGlucose meter: a smart, compact glucose meter that automatically sends glucose readings via text message or email to a diabetic’s family members, caregivers or physicians.

After development, Ben needed help bringing this valuable healthcare product to market and that’s where being referred to Steve Nudelberg proved vital.

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing our very own Steve Nudelberg, Principal of On The Ball Marketing, on how he was able to help Ben with the necessary “90% effort” of bringing iGlucose to market.


The iGlucose Product Launch: How Steve Nudelberg Helped

Question: How did iGlucose become a client of On The Ball?

Steve: At On The Ball, we firmly believe in the power of our relationship network.  In this case, we helped bring another health related product to market, called Verichip, and their CEO referred us to Benjamin Atkin.

One of the most important ingredients is chemistry.  After meeting with Ben it was clear we had a bond on both a personality and business. Additionally, we shared a real excitement for technology that will alter how diabetics take care of themselves.


Question: What makes On The Ball and iGlucose a good fit?

Steve: iGlucose, like many other startups, was in need of a tremendous amount of resources: everything from branding and packaging, to distribution.  On The Ball specializes in helping these emerging companies by offering specific resources that they would not be able to afford in other cases.

We help products and businesses like iGlucose in a 3-fold manner:

  1. Strategy 

In any early stage company, revenue is important.  We help emerging companies generate pre-revenue through impeccable sales strategy which involves “arrangemenship,” sales planning and training.

For iGlucose we have already created three very high level, significant relationships with national organizations that will be responsible for distributing to their end users. This is the beauty of what we call arrangemenship, which is one of our most valuable and unique services our clients are not able to find elsewhere.

2. Creative

The On The Ball team is full of creative thinkers with the experience and resources for branding a new company or product from the ground up —including logo design, website design, and establishing a strong online presence that never existed before.

3. Social Media & PR

We are responsible for generating a stir in the digital world and building a fan base before the product even makes it to market.  We rely heavily on our social media strategy and expertise to do this and really set ourselves apart in this area.


Question: In what ways is iGlucose different than other clients?

Steve: Not very different. They align very nicely with what our core client acquisition strategy is. Who is our dream client? An entrepreneur who is looking for sales and marketing resources and doesn’t have upfront capital to afford a full-blown marketing or sales department.

We’ll work hard now and invest the time and talent, working with what and whom we know in the early stages in return for equity.  As we cross the finish line together there’s a win-win.

Having spent the majority of my personal career in business development and marketing, I’ve had deep relationships for many years with other healthcare related clients, such as Humana and Hearx, so our relationship capital in healthcare is strong.


Ready to Sell More Stuff?

Give us a call at 954.332.2200.  We’d love to hear from you!



*Richard C. Levy, quoted in Liane Hansen, All Things Considered (NPR) “Profile: Independent toy inventor Richard C. Levy,” June 18, 2002

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 11.08.02 AM

Are Sports Entering Social Media or is Social Media Entering Sports.

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Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 11.08.02 AM


In today’s society, social media plays a huge role in the way consumers view a product, business, and even a person. According to Jeff Bullas, a Social Media Expert, 72% of Internet users are connected to social media and 34% of marketers use Twitter to generate leads.

Last week, the NBA announced that their Twitter handle, @NBA, would be added to the official game used ball. The NBA is setting a trend in sports that introduces visible social media tags to tangible products.  Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 11.10.58 AM

How far do you think social media will go in sports? Using Twitter names on the back of jerseys instead of a player’s last name could be next. There are no signs of social media slowing down and it’s only appropriate that sports adjusts to the mass population of people actively using social media to interact and connect with sports. After all, the NBA currently has over 660 million likes throughout all of their social media channels combined.

Interacting with players, coaches, analysts, and fans is just one click away compared to the minimal capabilities that existed nearly a decade ago. Utilizing social media allows limitless opportunities for fans to interact with the game in a way society has never seen before.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 11.08.38 AM

With that being said, where do you draw the line between social media and sports? Or is there no line? Would you rather see Twitter handles on the back of jerseys as opposed to player’s last names? Has a Twitter handle become more important than a name? If so, what does that say about today’s society?

We want to know your opinion on social media and sports. Share your opinion on our Facebook page!



Take Me Out To The Ball Game!.

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As most of you know, On The Ball is highly recognized as a strategic networking company bringing people together to make appropriate introductions and connections to help businesses grow.

Would you ever think this kind of business could be done at Marlins Park? Whether you like the sport or not, it’s not about the game, it’s about the experience. And On The Ball and the Marlins have teamed up to bring such an experience.


Every month, we host around twenty-five or so local business men and women, along with their significant others, in a suite provided by the Marlins. The evening starts with a VIP field visit to view batting practice, followed by a tour of the facility, and ends in a luxurious suite filled with food, drink, baseball, and fun.


Every event has been extremely successful for our guests.  The game is nine innings long which carries a very social pace and the small number allows everyone the chance to get to really know each other.  One client in particular had never been to an American baseball game and had the time of his life while meeting some potential business relationships. Coincidentally, he and Steve Nudelberg had the exact same birthday(month, day, and year).

Not all networking has to be done on a golf course, at a restaurant, or as a group.  Even if you don’t like baseball, the Marlins, or have never been, remember, networking here can be a home run.

OTB Cover Photo

The Photoshop 411.

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OTB Cover Photo

Photoshopped by Kristin Shotwell



From the always-fashionable Vogue Magazine cover to the juicy Big Mac burger billboard on the right side of the highway, Photoshop creations are everywhere.


Adobe Photoshop is the superior program for all graphic designers, photographers, and advertisers. So superior that it dominates the marketplace. There isn’t another program that offers the same credibility and results that Photoshop produces. So, when I began my internship at On The Ball, a creative, sales, and marketing company, I knew I had to jump on the Photoshop bandwagon.


Photoshop was created in 1988 by two brothers, Thomas and John Knoll, and has since become the industry standard in digital color editing. John Knoll traveled to Silicon Valley to present to engineers and art directors at both Adobe and Apple. Adobe came out with the “W” and purchased the license to distribute in September 1988. When Photoshop 1.0 was released, the options for high-end digital editing systems, like Scitex, were so rare that it often cost businesses $300 an hour for basic photo retouching. Photoshop brought simplicity and convenience to the growing industry of graphic design.


Luckily, I have a few years of experience dealing with Photoshop back in high school throughout my IB Photography courses, but high school was a time or two ago. For the first few days (or weeks) I struggled to understand the most efficient way to complete simple tasks in Photoshop – like change the opacity of layers, add effects, and simply create aesthetically pleasing images. When I was confused on how to do something I would turn to the Internet for answers and, thankfully, 97% of the time I found them.


Photoshopped by Kristin Shotwell


I have been “photoshopping” for a little over two months now and I still learn something new every day. I’m one of the least artistic people on the planet with the inability to draw a simple animal with a notebook and pen. However, the beauty of Photoshop is that you don’t have to have the ability to paint, draw or sketch. You just have to have an appreciation and eye for artistic graphics. I have a newfound respect for digital artists and advertisers that are Photoshop masterminds (shout out to our digital marketing guys – Brandamos, you rock). It’s TOUGH stuff.


Though I’m still only a beginner, I’ve created several graphics for On The Ball this summer and have urged others to hop on the Photoshop game as well. Even the most basic Photoshop knowledge can be beneficial in the marketing industry. I can now create fundamental graphics and am easily able to learn more complex Photoshop concepts simply due to the time I committed to learning the ins-and-outs of the program. I enjoy digital artwork and hope to learn more about graphic design in the coming years.


Photoshopped by Kristin Shotwell


For those not currently in the marketing industry, you cannot understand the time and effort it takes to create digital art until you try to create it yourself. I urge everyone to take a stab at Photoshop if you have the time to do so (there is a free 30-day trial available). Then, you will appreciate the true beauty of every advertisement and Sports Illustrated cover (and attempt to ease the pain of seeing Lebron in a Cavs jersey this season).


From Intern to Thinker.

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Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 2.37.32 PM


Though I have only been at On The Ball for about a month, I have learned more about the marketing industry than I ever expected. As a Pre-Veterinary major at the University of Delaware, it’s safe to say that this internship is a completely different experience for me. I’ve never studied marketing or business but have always appreciated the art of marketing and advertising. While I  knew  my educational background did not suggest it, this was an avenue I was always eager to explore.

My career change was scary at first but my experience at On The Ball has guided me into the intimidating yet inevitable transition from college student to working professional. The first time I walked into the OTB office I knew it was the perfect place for me to test the waters of the business world. The open space, bright colors, and overall air of camaraderie made me feel immediately welcome.


On The Ball is without a doubt different. All employees are known as “thinkers” and teamwork is heavily encouraged. On The Ball is all about thinking and connecting and, in my opinion, it is these actions that truly drive business – whether it be a veterinary practice or banana stand. From clients to coworkers to business professionals, I feel that my time here has truly taught me to connect with people. Attending events such as their monthly networking event Eat:Drink:Think, client meetings, and even employee sendoffs at the local bar (thanks for the beer, Steve), have all given me the opportunity to connect with and learn from an overwhelming amount of outstanding professionals. I could not be more grateful for this experience and can’t wait to see what OTB does next.

Nike_Commercial_Feature_Image FINAL

Nike Wins the World Cup.

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Like many of my friends and other Americans across the nation, the World Cup mania has hit my living room. In other parts of the world, soccer or futbol is often bigger than life. Here in the United States, it’s simply FOOTBALL. I have to be honest, it finally feels good to all be united, as an entire nation, in support of the US Men’s team!


As a marketer, I am always intrigued how brands interact with big events such as the Superbowl or Presidential Election. It doesn’t get any bigger than when the whole world is watching at the World Cup.


We can all learn from Nike’s advertising campaigns. (As I am writing this we have Breaking News: Lebron James goes back to Cleveland! Well…shit!)

Nike_Commercial_Feature_Image FINAL

Nike’s World Cup campaign is called “Risk Everything.” This message goes beyond soccer and beyond the brand, it is a story about determination. Here at On The Ball, when we talk about creating original social media content, it’s always based around an emotion. And that’s exactly what Nike did. Nike sold personal achievement. Does it get any better than that? Nike established an immediate connection with its loyal following and brand ambassadors while getting the entire world to watch them do it. In such a saturated advertising opportunity, where the players wear more logos than a NASCAR driver, Nike went back to the fundamentals and crafted a message that any ordinary person could understand. At the end of the day, Nike wasn’t “marketing” but they were telling a story. “Risk Everything” and the sky is the limit!


If you haven’t seen one of Nike’s commercials for the World Cup, you can watch it here: Nike Last World Cup Commercial 2014 ft. Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Rooney, Ibrahimović, Iniesta

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 2.49.40 PM

The Next Big Thing.

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Written by Michelle Esposito and Steve Nudelberg

Can you imagine what it must have been like to be part of Microsoft, Apple, or Google in the very beginning? What thoughts consumed their leaders?


Obviously, each of these companies are technology-based companies that have clearly defined the markets that they operate in and, in the recent past at least, they have all been very successful. There are many similarities and, besides the obvious though, they all can lay claim to having pioneered “the next big thing” in their particular areas. In some cases, they can claim more than one “next big thing”.

On the Ball is always looking to partner with these emerging companies and ideas that can be the “next big thing”! We have found such a partner in Aplicor.  With the launch of their newest offering, Aplicor 3C, they have developed one application that is at the heart of growing companies.

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 2.49.40 PM

It can be very exciting to be part of the “next big thing” but only if there is a market for it. Whether it is technology, pharmaceuticals, or fashion, you must be able to see a large enough market for a product or service.

The big question is always:

Is this product or service something that a large number of people or companies are going to want OR can the company deliver the product or service in a timely manner and at a price that the largest percentage of the market is willing to pay?

At Aplicor, they have found a way to answer yes to these questions and they believe they have the “next big thing”.

In addition, growing companies need more than an application, they need a growth strategy and ecosystem of partnerships in which they can thrive. Aplicor has a yes answer for that as well – The Growth Partner Network.

We are proud to be part of the Growth Partner Network, a collection of like-minded business professionals who all share a passion for growing companies.

Others such as Michael Daskal, from Daskal Bolton, and Bob White, from Gunster, have already jumped on the bandwagon.

So I ask you, if you share this same passion, what are you waiting for?

If you could go back to 1975 and join Microsoft, would you?



Creating Value All the Way to the Finish Line.

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It’s funny how everything happens for a reason. Growing up, my father always told me before every new school year, volleyball match, and new job to create value. This may seem like an odd sendoff to most, but to me, it was the ultimate motivation. You don’t have to be valuable to be successful, but, if you’re valuable, success will follow.

Coincidentally, I chose to devote my time as an intern to a marketing company that believes in the same sentiment. On The Ball focuses on creating value for their clients.


I’ve been a member of the On The Ball team for a little over a month now. I say, “team member” because On The Ball is truly a team. Ever since the first morning I walked through the office doors, I was greeted with welcoming attitudes, tough plays to learn, and encouraging words.

The first Monday morning team meeting began with introductions and Steve Nudelberg deeming me “Social Media Coordinator” because he hates the word “intern” – safe to say, I didn’t mind my first day promotion. The meeting proceeded and I listened with open ears with the hope of one day becoming as skilled in marketing as my new teammates sitting around the table.

As a Journalism and Mass Communication student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, focusing on Public Relations, I will be the first to say that marketing was a new world to me. I wasn’t familiar with marketing strategies, social media account management, or business development. But, I can proudly say that I have gained more knowledge than I ever could have imagined, solely in my first month here.

On The Ball’s ultimate goal as a company is to create value for our clients. Through sales, creative, marketing, and social media, we strive to invest time and talent into making businesses grow.

And, we succeed.

The new skills I’ve acquired in my first month at On The Ball have exceeded any experience I’ve had in my professional life thus far. I’ve learned how to manage accounts, converse professionally with clients, successfully manage multiple social media platforms, create graphics on Photoshop, expand my network, and most importantly, create value.


Even though I knew On The Ball was my style when I first walked in, adorned with sports memorabilia, a full-size basketball hoop, pinball machine and stadium seats, my experiences with my team members have proved far more important than any sports decorations. Times spent talking strategy over an impromptu office lunch accompanied with Cuban sandwiches (and Dos Equis of course) have shown me that On The Ball has been the best summer internship to lay my foundation as a marketing professional.

I appreciate the opportunity On The Ball has given me to play alongside some of the biggest stars and learn the basics to begin creating a name for myself in the marketing industry. I am eager to watch the company grow and plan on trying my best to help On The Ball continue to create value for clients during my time here this summer.


Big Brands Pay-to-Play on Facebook.

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Written by Grant Cohen

Earlier this week, the publication known as AdAge received a sales deck distributed out to Facebook users. The deck states that the multi-billion dollar corporation has slowly been implementing a new algorithm that is forcing company pages to PAY in order for their posts to receive significant traction. What this means is that Facebook is essentially forcing marketers to fork up the cash if they wish to reach their fans organically. Many marketers have already noticed this trend as their content has been appearing in front of fewer and fewer eyeballs.

Why does a multi-billion dollar corporation, with one of the most recognizable names on the planet, need to start nickel and diming brands all of the sudden?

Facebook’s answer is simple: competition.

As more and more brands are hopping on the “social media bandwagon”, less and less space exists to get their messages across. At least, that’s what Facebook wants you to believe. Giant corporations never lie, right? The Internet is not a box that gets filled up — cyberspace is nearly limitless. The reality of the situation is more of a supply-and-demand issue than anything else. Let’s be realistic, here. What Facebook is really saying is: “You want to advertise a message to your fans? So do about 100 million other companies. Pay up and we’ll see what we can do for you.”

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 1.10.47 PM

The way this “pay-to-play” system works is, once you post something on Facebook, you can choose to “boost” the post by placing money toward that post and narrowing down a demographic you wish to appeal to. Either that, or just opt for a general boost which places your post on much more of your existing fan’s news feeds. 

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 1.08.31 PM

Let’s say your company has 15,000 page likes and you post a piece of content. That piece of content may only land on about 100 of your fan’s newsfeeds, where as it use to show up in front a much larger percentage of your company’s fans. These fans went out of their way to like your company’s page at some point because they genuinely liked your brand and wanted that content. But nowadays, brands have to either pay to reach those fans or just hope said fans type the company name into the Facebook search bar and go looking for that content. Which is, of course, unlikely.

All in all, it’s a brilliant marketing plan, as Facebook’s revenue will surely increase in the coming months. In the real world, (the non-social media world) companies have to pay for advertising. So Facebook most likely figures that they should get a piece of that pie as well. Financially, it makes sense. Morally, well… that’s another story.


Apple Marches to a Different Beat.

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It was hard for people to rationalize how Apple could value Beats at $3.2 billion. With the most recent Apple news exposed, however, we have learned that Apple always has a master plan. The news leaked through 9to5Mac, when Apple submitted a specification to its MFi licensing program for headphones, which connect using the company’s proprietary Lightning port, instead of the customary 3.5mm jack.

What does this mean for customers? Like most situations, there are positives and negatives to this speculative news.

The rationale is that this new Lightning port will offer higher-quality audio. Additionally, customers expect to (eventually) be able to use these headphones for more than just skipping tracks, changing the volume and controlling other applications. In an article done by Forbes, it is believed that Lighting’s port will offer the ability to have headphones charge a device while in use. Of course, it is likely to assume that these new headphones will sport the Beats logo.

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 2.30.12 PM

The downside to this revolutionary technology is just that – it is so revolutionary that it makes your existing technology obsolete. Users will incur an additional expense in buying into the new, pricey Lightning headphones or they will need to purchase an adapter to maintain using their current headphones. The same goes for any other technology you use with headphones, Apple or not. If you are to purchase the Lightning headphones (which will likely be mandated by Apple), you cannot use them with your Windows work computer or your wireless TV. If you refuse to buy the Lightning headphones, an adapter needs to be purchased for your Macbook, your iPad as well as your iPhone.


Although the information on this Lightning technology is still very vague (intentionally so), it poses a major question for both avid and casual Apple users alike. Do we trust Apple’s process? Or do we run to the competition?


One of the advantages of Apple technology is that all the different models are easily synchronized. Although they still can be, at what price? Even though these changes aren’t expected to take place anytime soon, it does provide an explanation to Apple’s acquisition of Beats.


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